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We, at Sallés Hotels, would like to provide you with the best service. You may contact us for asking anything you need to know, or either making your suggestions or comments on your stay with us.

We answer your questions
Send an e-mail or fill up the form you will find in the “Contact” section for either the Hotel or the appropriate department. We will get in touch with you so as to answer your queries.
Please, make your suggestions and comments
Send us your comments. We will be much pleased to welcome your suggestions in order to improve our service. Our Customer Service department will contact you promptly.

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Reservations special requests: Will they be guaranteed?
The special requests of a reservation (double bed, smoking room/non-smoking room, cradle, room view, special plants...) are always subject to availability. The hotel may ask them for in order to provide more satisfaction to its customers. Despite this, they cannot be guaranteed even if the hotel strives to make them possible.

Children reservations
Sallés Hotels offers you the possibility of travelling with children. If their ages range from 0 to 3 they may be lodged for free at the hotel. If they range from 3 to 12 you may have to pay a reduced price for lodging them; just check with the reservations department. As from the age of 12, they have to pay the same amount as an adult.

Group reservations
If you need to make a reservation of more than 10 people or more than 5 rooms, contact directly the groups department at our central reservations.

Can I send e-mail messages to a guest?
Yes. Just access the appropriate section and the hotel will make the message arrive to the guest.

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Sallés Hotel Mas Tapiolas ****
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If the message is urgent, please contact the reception in the hotel.

What documents will the hotel ask me for when checking in?
Personal documents are required in order to undertake the registration at the hotel. We will ask for your identity card or passport as well as those of all people lodging at the hotel. In turn, we ask for a credit card as a guarantee in case of a reservation being directly paid at the moment of leaving the hotel. In order to be provided with extra spending in the hotel (telephone calls, restaurant, room service, etc.) and pay for the service at the end of the stay, it is also necessary to leave a credit card number at reception.

If I have a problem when making a reservation, who can I contact?
You can contact the reservation department from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturdays. You can also directly contact the hotel 24 hours a day.

How can I contact a guest who is lodging at the hotel?
You can call the appropriate hotel in order to contact the guest or send a message via e-mail. You need to provide the name and surname of the guest, as well as the name of the interlocutor. The hotel reserves the right not to confirm whether the guest is or is not lodged at the hotel in order to protect his/her confidentiality and to abide by data protection legislation.

What is the method of payment?
The reservation is paid directly at the hotel. Nevertheless, the system requires a credit card as a guarantee of the reservation, and therefore it verifies that the card would be accepted; otherwise, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Are animals accepted at any of the hotels?
Animals are not accepted at any of the hotels.

What is the cancellation policy like?
You can cancel your reservation at no cost provided it is carried out 12 hours before the day of arrival. After that time, cancelling a reservation implies the charging of the first night on to your card.

What are the checking-in and checking-out times?
Both checking-in and checking-out take place at 12.00 noon. For arrivals before noon, check prices and availability by contacting the reservation department. For departures after that time, you may ask for prices and availability at the hotel reception.

When is a reservation confirmed?
Your reservation is immediately confirmed as soon as the process is finished; you will see a confirmation page (on the screen of your PC) and a copy of this will be sent to you by e-mail. If you think you have not received the confirmation e-mail, please make sure you double-check your mail-screening adjustments, and other inboxes that may contain screen mail. This confirmation e-mail will provide you with the details of the confirmation number, the reserved dates, the rate and other relevant data. You may submit this copy at the hotel when checking-in.
If you do not receive the confirmation of your reservation, please contact the reservation department.

Is it necessary to register in order to make my reservation?
We will ask you to sing up when making your first reservation at Sallés Hotels. We will ask you to provide a log-in, your e-mail address and a password of your choice. All this will let you access to your data for future reservations as well as for reviewing both your personal and invoicing profiles. Signing up may be very convenient for you since, this way, you will be able to protect the information on your reservations; only those who know your log-in and password can access this data. If you sign up with us, you will receive our Newsletter, even though this is an optional service.

Is it safe to make a reservation through the internet?
It is very safe. When you make a reservation through our web site, it is as if you were directly talking to the hotel, and in fact it is even better than that since you are controlling the whole process yourself. The notification of your reservation will be immediately sent to the hotel and to its reservation central system. You will receive a confirmation number for your reservation as a proof that your reservation has been accepted. Salles Hotels engages on protecting your personal data, including your credit card details. You will only be able to inform us on your credit card details through the internet if your search engine has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encoding (almost all the search engines nowadays work with this technology). Before sending your credit card details, SSL codifies these details in a format so as to prevent them being stolen or spied on.

Why do prices vary depending on the day?
Prices vary according to hotel’s occupancy. When the occupancy is low, the rate would become more economic, and vice-versa. This way, we can offer you lower rates when the hotel has a bigger availability.

May I modify or cancel a reservation through the Internet?
No, if you want to cancel or change a reservation, you need to contact the central reservations department or with the hotel where you made the reservation.

What do you do with the personal details?
We keep your personal details and any other data relating to your account with Sallés Hotels in a safe place, so only those who know the appropriate log-in and password can access them. Your personal details will never be sold, handed over to third parties or used without your permission. We beg you, please, to read our Privacy Policy.

Upon confirmation of my reservation, will you charge my credit card?
Reservations are sent immediately to the hotel and are imputed in its reservation system. Your credit card is the guarantee for your reservation. The reservation amount will not be charged, but the correct operating of the card will be checked.

What happens if the card is refused?
Please make sure you are using a valid credit card. Do not type “blank spaces” or “-“ (hyphens) when providing the card number. Verify there are no extra spaces at the end of the card number; these spaces may be difficult to see, and therefore we beg you to check thoroughly. Finally, check the card expiry date is not a later date than the checking-out date of your reservation. In case of a card being refused, the hotel reserves its right to cancel the reservation.

If I arrive late or if I do not show up at the hotel, will I be charged?
The hotel will not charge your account any extra cost if you let us know such situation in advance. If you are going to arrive later than midnight, please let the appropriate hotel know it so as to ensure the keeping of your room. If you are not going to come to the hotel at all, please let us also know it as soon as possible so as to avoid any extra charges. You may cancel your reservation at no cost provided it is done so before 12.00 (am or pm) on the day prior to your arrival date.

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